We a are a data consulting agency from France. Our goal is to help you deal with your data problematic on all perspectives, analytics, automation, design, reporting, communication and strategy. We see the data as a whole where each dimension need a tailored solution. And we are here to build the solution with you and your teams.

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Products and solutions

Analytics and dashboards

We build state-of-the-art analytical pipeline, from the database to the product. Our main expertises includes data wrangling, survey analysis, textual analysis, social network analysis, clustering and modeling. We bring them together to write analytical reports and studies to get a better knowledge of your business or your organization subject.

What is even more important than the algorithms and technical methods used is the way you can get the knowledge from the datas. We build custom dashboard, static or dynamic, to bring you the best insights and help and your organization take the right decision.

Designed and parametrized reports

Your organization often need PDF reports. Sometimes hundreds, one for each business zone or administrative area, with custom parameters ? With new datas each month ?

We can build such reports for you, with a lot of possibles options. And because the design is as important as the content, we implement your organization graphical rules in it or create a custom one for you.

Process automation

Data analysis is a matter of repetition. You need the same report each month ? You are asked to update the dashboard ? You have to make a new 200 hundred pages publication which will be reproduce each year with a lot of people involved ? Send a mail with key insight each day ?

Call us and we will automate your process. Give us the parameters and you will get the result. Because all our processes are reproducible, we ensure quality and avoid errors due to copy-pasting.

Data strategy

You have a lot of data but you feel you don’t fully use them ? You are a big organization with shared datas betweens units ? You want to use datas but are new to it ? Your are non-public and want to write a study based on open data to serve your communication ?

In all this cases, we can bring clarity. We analyse your needs and use cases to build a synthesis about data mapping. We make proposal to create better orientations to your datas and extract the most value of them.

Our tools

We use the latest and the best tools to solve your data problems. They helps us to bring you world-class solutions to fit your needs.


Louvre Museum

The Louvre has more than 10 millions visitors a year. Most of them use technical services like Wi-Fi, audioguides or the internet website. All of this services could gather datas to improve the knowledge about the visitors and their experience. We help the Louvre to map their datas (quality, actors involved, legal aspects, …) and build a strategy to use it from a data analysis perspective.

R for the Rest of Us

R for the Rest of Us is a training and consulting firm on R. It helps your organization to improve its analytical team and skills by training them and build dashboards, templates, packages or reports to help you take the right path. We partner and help R for the Rest of Us on some consulting projects about subjects like templating, automatic or parametrized reporting or dashboard construction.

OMNI Institute

OMNI Institute is a consulting firm which use R to build their report and analysis. In common with R for the Rest of Us, we build a pagedown template to ensure more reproductibility and a well designed output for their studies and business cases.

Scouts et Guides de France

Pro-bono. We help building the analytical strategy of this scouting association. In order to follow their growing project towards more diverse public, the association need detailed indicator and a dashboard. We also help them with more in-deep studies about their volunteers. A pagedown template has been build to stick to the official design document.